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1991 Syclone Marlboro Edition #1 of 10

The special-edition Marlboro Syclone was the grand prize for the ten winners of The Marlboro Racing ‘92 Contest. All ten trucks were provided to American Sunroof Corporation (ASC), by Shinoda Design Associates, Inc., in conjunction with Phillip Morris, Inc. with the help of Larry Shinoda, designer of the Corvette Stingray and Boss Mustang, a transformation of the originally black Syclones took place.

Marlboro Syclone custom features include:

  • ASC converted the roof to a targa-style roof panel with mounts in the pick-up bed
  • ASC installed a slide-down rear window assembly
  • Guidon hard tonneau cover
  • Boyd Coddington “Cobra” wheels with Marlboro emblem center caps and Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires
  • PPG “Hot Licks” Red paint, with white strobe stripes provided by Graphik Concepts
  • Recaro leather seats with Simpson 5-Point racing harness
  • Custom Momo “Evolution” steering wheel
  • Sony sound system
  • PROMPaq performance chip and Borla stainless steel exhaust
  • Bell Tech suspension dropped 3 inches